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The Totally Chappers Podcast Archive
On this page you will find all of the shows that we have made to date.
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Totally Chappers Episode 24
12th September 2011 - 24 Minutes 21mb Direct Download
In the 24th Totally Chappers we have a new podcast host as we finally discover the fate of Peter Chapman after he went missing over a year ago, Prepare to be shocked listeners. The main show content features an Alan Caddick take-over as he performs a Spice Girls song on the Karoake and chats with Rhodders, Randy and Gary from Luton about a whole range of topics.. We are BACK!
paranormal podcast Totally Chappers Episode 23
32 Minutes 15mb
Direct Download
The 23rd Totally Chappers is a paranormal special, things were going so well until Randy Lawford came on the line and decided to talk about everyones favourite missing child. Fat Steve plays us some paranormal sounds, Eduardo moans about Play Radio, Gary from Catford cheekily plugs his wrestling show and Gary from Luton tell us about a paranormanal that left him unable to sleep. The show also features more of Top Gears Biggest Fan and her Pakistani family arguing!
Totally Chappers Episode 22
30 Minutes 14mb
Direct Download
The 22nd Totally Chappers featuring discussions about washed-up radio broadcaster Tommy Boyd, upskirt pictures of celebrities, Johnny Harzen-Farzen's amature dramatics,revelations from Alan Caddick's girlfriend along with other bits and pieces.
Totally Chappers Episode 21
24 Minutes 11mb
Direct Download
The 21st Totally Chappers saw us going highbrow by talking about the economy. Fear not listeners, by the end of the show we had also covered Dogging, Helicoptering and Teabagging. Luton, Lawford, Seismorg and Watko all make an appearance on the show.
Totally Chappers Episode 20
57 Minutes 26mb Direct Download

The 20th Anniversary of the Totally Chappers webcast featured dye for pubic hair, Alan Caddick's dating video, Gary from Catford exposed on the Allan Lake show, Randy Lawford calling a Taxidermist, the return of Hugo Peters and a whole lot more!
Totally Chappers Episode 19
44 Minutes 20mb Direct Download

Webcast number 19 was the 80's kids tv special.
The highlight was the discussion of which cartoon villain would you choose to destroy the BNP and the realisation that Totally Chappers could stage its own version of Trapdoor! There was also time for 'Ask Alan', answerphone messages and our calls to Iain Lee and Allan Lake.
Totally Chappers Episode 18
53 Minutes 24mb Direct Download

Sex, Torture and the BNP. Well, that's one way of advertising the show. Iain Lee calls us losers, Allan Caddick discusses his love for James Bond, Totally Chappers is plugged yet again on national radio, Rhodders faces Gary from Catford in the final of Chappers' Chainsaw. 4-year-old Victor is asked a number of questions and the Chappers/Allan Lake relationship is once again in the spotlight.
Totally Chappers Episode 17
60 Minutes 27mb Direct Download

How to attract a lady, a live jamming session, football holliganism, computer game memories, a trivia battle royal. Yes, you could be forgiven for thinking that Totally Chappers has gone all structured and serious. This is certainly not the case.
Totally Chappers Episode 16
54 Minutes 25mb Direct Download

A listener thinks Chappers' has a sexy voice. Gary dethones Eduardo. We discuss 'tramp stamps' which leads to listener Roxy calling in to defend tatoo's on women. Celebrity Big Brother contestant Mutea Buena came onto the webcast to discuss her time in the house. Mystic Malcolm does some readings for the listeners,
Johnny Harzen-Farzen takes on Gary from Luton at the Insult Showdown, all this and more on the 16th installment of Totally Chappers.
Totally Chappers Episode 15
Minutes 25mb
Direct Download

Chappers' psychic reading from the Allan Lake show is aired that leaves Eduardo none to pleased, The Royal family including the Queen Mother all call in to discuss Harry's conduct. Facebook whore Shaun Turner is the subject of this weeks 'getting to know you' feature. The show finished with a 15 year old girl calling in, yes, Totally Chappers appeals to females listeners too it seems.
Totally Chappers Episode 14
Minutes 36mb
Direct Download

The fantastic Totally Chappers Christmas show features a festive 'Ask Alan'. God calls in to deliver some important news. We have an exclusive interview with Cheryl Cole. There's a report on the Christmas lights in London. Mystic Malcolm does some readings for the callers. Eduardo takes on five callers in the Christmas TV guide challenge and to finish off the show we have the contibutors version of 'Do they know its Christmas?'
Totally Chappers Episode 13
52 Minutes 24mb Direct Download
We had a call from Ofcom. Alan Caddick told us about his realationship woes and answered some questions from our listeners. Rhodders took on Simon in the insult showdown. Football manager Juande Ramos called in to tell us about his new job, Johnny Harzen-Farzen
has a novel conversation with a hotel in San Francisco, for all this and lots more, take a listen to the unlucky 13th show!
Totally Chappers Episode 12
45 Minutes 21mb Direct Download
This show was the Answerphone special where the listeners were asked to leave lots of messages in order to fill a whole show with their creative contributions. 81 messages were left in total. This podcast features the best of those messages. Be warned, this Totally Chappers offering features strong language, stupidity and dodgy singing. It was the show where all the mentioning of 'Bumming' was finally put to rest. Enjoy!
Totally Chappers Episode 11
56 Minutes 26mb Direct Download
The eleventh installment of the webcast featured Randy Lawford making his Totally Chappers debut to take on Alan Caddick in the Insult Showdown.
Johnny Harzen-Farzen was confronted by the Tax Man. We hear footage from Hosptial Radio Pulse, there was a call from a ten year old child, and the Legendary Bummie Chris had a humorous exchange with Eduardo.
Totally Chappers Episode 10
64 Minutes 29mb Direct Download
The Tenth Anniversary Webcast was a cracker! Alan Caddick speaks about his hospital radio debut and gets a surprise when his transexual boss calls up. There's footage from a comedy club where members of the webcast team are abused. An undercover report from Walthamstow high street. The return of a few familiar voices, the debut of 'The Merchant' along with the usual answerphone messages and the Insult Showdown.
Totally Chappers Episode 9
49 Minutes 22mb Direct Download
Another week, another 'Ask Alan' We hear a classic clip of Randy Lawford speaking to Anthony Davis on LBC radio from November 2007. A call to a brothel in Las Vegas to discover the services available. Many answerphone messages of which some potentially shed some light on what might of happened to Eduardo.
Totally Chappers Episode 8
49 Minutes 22mb Direct Download
Featuring a 10 minute call from Iain Lee and stacked full of some of the most creative answerphone messages ever heard on Totally Chappers, this show was further enhanced with a cracking 'Ask Alan' and an insult showdown between Rob Burnett and Alan Caddick. This is one show that you just cannot miss. Tell your family, friends and enemies, webcasts don't get much better than this! (apart from the Totally Chappers Christmas Special)
Totally Chappers Episode 7
40 Minutes 18mb Direct Download
This weeks webcast featured Alan Caddick taking calls from the listeners in 'Ask Alan'. Seismorg was the subject of 'Getting to know the listener'. We revealed our great money give-away, Eduardo defended his insult showdown title against Rob Burnett and there were many answerphone messages as well.
Totally Chappers Episode 6
87 Minutes 39mb Direct Download
This weeks webcast featured baker Frank Jolly as he tried to settle the fresh cream vs synthetic cream debate. Hospital Radio's Alan Caddick took calls live from the listeners. We introduced a new feature 'Getting to know a listener'. Our topic this week was which fictional character would you most like by your side in battle. Eduardo defended his insult showdown against a mystery opponent, and of course, the show wouldn't be complete without the answerphone messsages, one of which was left by TV and Radio star Iain Lee! This was the craziest show yet, don't miss out!

Totally Chappers Episode 5
35 Minutes 12mb Direct Download
This weeks webcast featured crop circle expert Lindsay Peters. He bravely took questions from our listeners. Eduardo defended his Insult Showdown title against Alan Caddick. This weeks 'local radio' topic was; 'Which is the best chocolate bar to disect? The answerphone had once again been utilized effectively by the listeners with the abuse and creativity stepping up a notch. To find out what was said, download Episode 5 of the Totally Chappers webcast NOW!
Totally Chappers Episode 4
54 Minutes 25mb Direct Download
This weeks webcast featured a report on the tragic death of one of our contributors. Scientology entered the God debate. There was another 'Ask Alan'. Eduardo interviewed a wise man named Seismorg. Rob Burnett took on Eduardo in the Insult Showdown, and who would have thought that an innocent topic like 'What's your favourite cake' could turn into a big argument over which type of cream is better. For all this and a stack full of answerphone messages, download the 4th Totally Chappers Webcast now!

Totally Chappers Episode 3
43 Minutes 19.8mb Direct Download
This weeks webcast featured a comical interview with hospital radio volunteer Alan Caddick; he answered a wide range of silly questions from our chat users.
There was a war of the Gods as the Indian God confronted my current God, which God did Peter Chapman choose to follow? Old man Hugo Peters told the story of how he found a public hair in his salad when at a restaurant. Brothers went head to head as Lee Burnett challenged younger sibling Rob for the 'Insult Showdown' crown. An enormous amount of answerphone messages, oh, and a few minor contributions by a guy named Eduardo.

Totally Chappers Episode 2
24 Minutes 11.1mb
Direct Download

Although hit by multiple technical problems, the second webcast went live at the later time of 20:00 on Sunday 21st of September. The show featured the debut of a new game, voicemail messages, calls from Rob and Paulie of Virgin Radio fame, the huge coup of Stuart Heron calling into the webcast, and to cap off a great show Chappers was joined by God!
Totally Chappers Episode 1
51 Minutes 17.6mb
Direct Download

The first Totally Chappers Webcast was broadcast on Sunday 14th September. If you were silly enough to miss it, then you can listen to it here.


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