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Using Snapchat For Local Business Marketing

snapchat local business marketing
Snapchat is a social media tool that’s rising in popularity as a marketing tool for businesses both national and local. It’s an area that I’m keen to research further due to my own interest in digital marketing for small local businesses in my hometown.

I’ll be adding links to useful resources on this blog post as i find them during my quest for knowledge.

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RØDELink Newsshooter Wireless XLR Microphone Kit

Arrrrrgh! Rode were supposed to release the ‘Newsshooter’ version of their Rodelink Filmmaker kit by the end of 2015. It’s now been put back to Q1 of 2016. This is very saddening as it was going to make a jolly nice christmas gift to myself.

If you weren’t aware, the ‘Newsshooter’ version has an XLR transmitter (inc switchable phantom power) so that you can use it wirelessly with handheld and shotgun mics. It also features an a locking 3.5mm trs jack for lapel mics too. There’s even a headphone jack which is handy if critical sound capture from a handheld mic is require when conduciton interviews. The unit is powered by two AA batteries or an optional Sony NPF battery like you commonly see used in video cameras and latterly, video lights.

The Rodelink Newsshooter kit is expected to cost $499 in the U.S meaning about £350 here in the UK, but as the price never seems to follow the logical exchange rate conversion, it’ll most likely come in at around £400.

Rode have said that once the Newsshooter kit is released, they’ll then be offering the two types of transmitter and the standard receiver as stand-alone purchases.

I definitely want the XLR transmitter, but I’m thinking that the Rode Filmmaker kit could be the better package to buy as it works out at such good value for £255 when you consider the Rode Lavalier microphone costs £140 on it’s own. For £255 you get the same mic, the transmitter and receiver in one bundle. It certainly provides food for thought.

Doing some rough calculations in my head, it seems that Rode are putting a £275 cost their XLR transmitter.

The perceived more expensive Sennheiser EW-100 ENG G3 kit which has one receiver, one bodypack transmitter and an XLR transmitter (Non phantom power) costs £538 – £580.

Adobe Voice – Free Video Creation App For iPad

Adobe Voice is a free story-telling App for the Apple iPad. It’s AMAZING!

Here’s a YouTube Video explaining the basics:

I see a lot of potential for community groups, charities, schools and clubs to use the app to make videos for Facebook to advertise their events at a time where video is killing static graphics on this particular social media platform. Of course, you can share so much more information with such a story-telling video over a static poster.

Here’s a quick video I made with the app to promote a spoof event:

Just testing out the free Adobe Voice App. Can't believe I've only just discovered it! Sorry, there's not really a party.

Posted by Peter Chapman on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Shoot Great Sounding Videos in a Car

The following is a video posted on YouTube by Caleb of  DSLR Video Shooter where he shows his set-up for recording in-car audio/video.

He’s got his Panasonic GH4 attached to a small tabletop tripod, positioned on his dashboard. He run a 3.5mm stereo extension lead to a Rode Video Micro, which is mounted to a friction magic arm which is connected to a clamp which attaches to a sun visor. Simple, but effective.

Here’s the video: