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329 Free Action Elements for Video Editors

OOOOO, look, 329 free action elements for video editors

RØDELink Newsshooter Wireless XLR Microphone Kit

Arrrrrgh! Rode were supposed to release the ‘Newsshooter’ version of their Rodelink Filmmaker kit by the end of 2015. It’s now been put back to Q1 of 2016. This is very saddening as it was going to make a jolly nice christmas gift to myself. If you weren’t aware, the ‘Newsshooter’ version has an XLR [...]

Adobe Voice – Free Video Creation App For iPad

Adobe Voice is a free story-telling App for the Apple iPad. It’s AMAZING! Here’s a YouTube Video explaining the basics: I see a lot of potential for community groups, charities, schools and clubs to use the app to make videos for Facebook to advertise their events at a time where video is killing static graphics [...]

How to Shoot Great Sounding Videos in a Car

The following is a video posted on YouTube by Caleb of  DSLR Video Shooter where he shows his set-up for recording in-car audio/video. He’s got his Panasonic GH4 attached to a small tabletop tripod, positioned on his dashboard. He run a 3.5mm stereo extension lead to a Rode Video Micro, which is mounted to a [...]

Green Screen & Chroma Key Apps for iPad, iPhone, IOS Devices

‘Handheld Hollywood’ have a few good articles about using Green Screen apps for the ipad and iphone which has helped in my own search for potential apps to use for a bit of down and dirty chroma-keying fun in a pinch. In a two-part series ‘I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen for Green Screen’ [...]

MainConcept AVC vs Sony AVC Video Encoding for YouTube

There’s debate over whether you should render your internet videos using the Mainconcept and Sony AVC encoders in Sony Vegas. MainConcept is said to encode slower but with slightly better quality at lower bitrates whereas Sony AVC provides better quality at higher bitrates. However there’s also accounts from some people online saying that the reverse [...]

Transitions For Talking Head Videos

When recording talking head interviews, often you’ll need to cut out parts of video which will lead to undesired ‘jump cuts’. How do you get past this? Having done some research, here’s what some video editors say: YouTube Sony Vegas Blur Transition Sony Vegas Circle Transition Great example for a talking head video for HP [...]

How To Shoot B-Roll Footage

Transom have a great article on their video on how to shoot b-roll footage. Great for news reports and talking head videos where you need to hide cuts or break up the monotony of watching one person speak at length. Here’s the article: **Bonus** How to shoot a documentary style interview

How To Make Your Video Appear In Google Search Results

To stand a better chance of having your Video appear in the Google Search Engine Results as  a ‘Rich Snippet’ here are some terms you should be looking to use for your video title, the  tags and the anchor text used to link to your videos. tutorial review test what is how to demonstration explanation [...]

Sweded Films

Currently I am obsessed with Sweded videos. This began when I followed a link to an article on the VideoMaker website where they reported on ‘Swede Fest’ Its a film festival that takes place every six months in the states. Its been running since 2008. The organisers of the festival describe it like this: “Swede [...]