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How To Make Your Video Appear In Google Search Results

To stand a better chance of having your Video appear in the Google Search Engine Results as  a ‘Rich Snippet’ here are some terms you should be looking to use for your video title, the  tags and the anchor text used to link to your videos. tutorial review test what is how to demonstration explanation [...]

Google Places For Businesses

Traditonal SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and search results for Businesses has changed on Google since they started showing ‘Google Places’ results ahead of regular websites  for localised search. Here is a screen grab of what comes up on Google if you were to type in ‘Hairdresser Brighton‘ As you can see a google map appears [...]

Sweded Films

Currently I am obsessed with Sweded videos. This began when I followed a link to an article on the VideoMaker website where they reported on ‘Swede Fest’ Its a film festival that takes place every six months in the states. Its been running since 2008. The organisers of the festival describe it like this: “Swede [...]