Sky Broadband – Router not arrived, No internet!

Well I am NOT amused with Sky, I am yet another victim of them activating the broadband line and not sending the router. I say ‘another’ as there are LOADS of threads on the Sky Broadband Ordering Forum on the official Sky website.

My broadband line is changing over tomorrow, I do not have my router. I phoned Sky this morning (Mon 12th March) asking where it is, and they said there had been an error on the system and that it hadn’t been dispatched yet, he even revealed that its been happening a lot recently!  I assumed it would be sent out via next day delivery to ensure I don’t have a break in service. I was wrong, it’s going to take 5 days and the chap said I’d be lucky to get if for the weekend!

I asked if Sky could delay taking over the broadband, to which he said no, I said I cannot be without broadband as I work from home and have websites to maintain and clients to work with.  I was promised when I signed up that there would not be a break in service.  The man on the other end of the line was rather arrogant and clearly did not give a toss, no apology, no nothing. I asked what he was going to do about it, and he said “Nothing” I then requested to complain to someone higher up, he said he can’t transfer me as i’d only be told the same. I was so angry that I hung up before I gave him a mouthful of abuse.

Half an hour later I called the cancellation department to have a moan, the guy was Asian, and I’m sorry, but I could barely understand a word he said, he offered no help and said that to make a complaint I could write a letter or send an email, he said Sky will reply within 72 hours. Why send an email if I’m not going to be able to see the reply!

I did a search on Twitter and have seen MANY  complaints with people suffering the same as me, I also found an @skyhelpteam address and I sent them a tweet.  Following some direct messaging they have revealed that the router has not even been put in for dispatch as there is a problem on my account, I don’t have a clue what is going on.

This time tomorrow I will have no internet service, I will only be able to contact Sky via phone. Are they going to refund me all the call charges for their mistake? Additionally, are they going to foot the bill if I take out some mobile broadband from another company to tide me over?

The answers will be NO and NO I am sure.

In this day and age, broadband internet is a necessity and not a luxury, how Sky can screw up so many times and leave their customers stuffed is astonishing but in reality not suprising. It is majorly disappointing that they do not have a contingency plan in place to provide a temporary solution for those waiting to use their broadband service. This is not a new problem for them so they *should* have something in place.  Paid Access to would be a start.

There’s another thread I’ve just found on the issue here –

Sky are very lucky that BBC Watchdog isn’t currently broadcasting as they’d be featured for sure.

And I thought Eclipse Broadband were the worst Broadband ISP  In The UK – Click to view my video and explanation of that sorry affair.

Oh, and for the record, here are my current broadband speeds as provided by Eclipse internet. If Sky are significantly slower, then they will have a problem on their hands.

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