Get Gary Glitter Off Twitter! Why?

Unless you live under a rock, you may be aware that 70’s Glam Rock sensation and notorious paedophile Gary Glitter is now on Twitter. You can find the alleged official account here:

Needless to say, the presence of Gary Glitter on the social media website has been met with a mixed response. Some say he should be able to move on with his life, others find it funny, many are outraged, while others are just being plain dumb about it.

Reading through some of the Tweets on Thursday evening, people were being advised by fellow users to delete all pictures of their childen as Gary Glitter may see them and how Glitter could use Twitter to gain access to kids. Heaven Forbid!  This view is extremely shortsighted.

There must be thousands of dodgy men and women using Twitter¬† to commuicate with younger users or merely to follow accounts without needing one themselves. Why the urgency to see Gary Glitter removed from Twitter? If Gary Glitter was going to use Twitter to pray on children, he’d certainly not be doing it using an account in his own name. A frequently shared tweet over the past few days is —

I’m not surprised Gary Glitter is all over Twitter, after all Twitter is only 6 years old.

For all we know, Mr Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter has been using Twitter for the past 6 years, praying on children, its also very likely that thousands of other people have been using Twitter for less than wholesome purposes.

At least people can track the @officialglitter account, read his tweets, see who is following him and who Gary himself is following. People should worry about the hidden enemy. Do you know for a fact that everyone following you is who they say they are? I have many followers that I have never met in person, any one of them could be dodgy, but that doesn’t matter, as all efforts should be concentrated on removing the Gary Glitter Twitter account, ironcially this account is probably one of the safest accounts on Twitter right now as so many people are keeping track of it.

This is not a blog post to defend Gary Glitter, it is to point out that he can’t be the only paedophile using social networking sites. If people are that bothered about the safety of children, then they should give up using social networking sites altogether and petition the government to close them all down as its the only way to ensure people are safe from sex offenders. OR Parents could actually monitor their child’s internet activities more closely, have the computer in a shared room of the household and decide which sites they can access.

And finally… Congratulations to Twitter user Kate Stephenson @kateytatie who is using Gary Glitter on Twitter as a way to get exposure for herself. She’s made a petition , recorded a video on YouTube and has been tweeting it all night to celebrites to support her ‘campaign’ Now is this her campaign to get Glitter off Twitter, or to gain herself more followers and subscribers? Her argument about why Glitter should be off Twitter is an example of the stupid people that I have highlighted above.

Words escape me with this young lady. Kate claims to even be very concerned about children reading the sort of content that she tweets, so concerned in fact that she’s not taken the simple step of protecting her tweets from unapproved readers. Great way to set an example Miss Stephenson.

Now, let’s all sign the petition as with Glitter gone from Twitter, everyone is safe again. Hooray! *sarcasm*

You have not been charged for this information. You’re welcome!

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